Our Process

  • Engagement
  • Our dedicated Business Development Manager will arrange in-depth discussions with the company for the following:

    1. - To understand about the business, the funding requirements and its plan for using the fund.
    2. - To explore the ideal type of Chinese investor required by the company to bridge its skills gap and broaden its business connections with China.
    3. - To explain the UK Home Office application process and the expected timeline.
    4. - To inform the company about the documents required for Stage 1 in the application process and how we will support the company in the preparation.
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  • Matching
  • Based on the specific requirements of the company, the Business Development Manager will work closely with the teams in China and UK to conduct the search for matching Chinese investors on our database.

    Once potential investors have been identified, the company will be presented with summary investor profiles outlining their experience, skills and business network.

    After the company has shortlisted an investor, we will arrange an initial Skype or face-to-face meeting between the two parties, depending on whether the investor is based in China or the UK.

    As a complimentary service, we regularly invite companies to our activities such as investor roadshows and networking events in China and the UK to help raise their profile and expedite the matching process.

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  • Preparation for Home Office Application
  • This is the stage when an agreement in principle will be reached between the two parties over the proposed funding and the investor’s future role within the company. We will facilitate the on-going dialogue until the terms are finalised.

    Once the agreement in principle has been signed, we will assist the company in its preparation for the Stage 2 documents.

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  • Injection of Fund
  • After the Home Office has approved the investor’s application, we will arrange for the signing of the final agreement by the two parties, and prepare the investor for the injection of fund and his entry into the UK.

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How Long Does it Take?

Typically around 9 – 12 months in duration. The duration may vary according to projects and is subject to change.


Regarding Investors

Who are the typical investors and what are their backgrounds?
Our investors are high net worth and well-heeled individuals predominantly from China as well as other Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. They fall into 3 categories: professionals / entrepreneurs; graduates / postgraduates; and advisors. Most are young or have young families, where 71% are 40 years old or younger. Almost all of the investors are degree-educated, and 45% achieved at least a Master’s degree too. Many of them studied in the UK or other English-speaking countries. Ambitious and motivated, they possess business networks in the Chinese market and work experiences in a wide variety of sectors that range from accountancy to fashion design to nanotechnology.
Are the investors looking to work in my company? And what sort of position would they be looking for?
Most are looking for a full-time position in a similar industry or role to what they have been exposed to previously, whether it is related to their work experience or studies. Some of our investors have other commitments, such as young children, and will look for part-time work. The job positions will likely reflect on their training and experience, and will be agreed between the companies and investors.
What are their salary expectations?
As in any recruitment process, the salary level should mirror the investor’s qualification, experience, contribution and job position. All is entirely negotiable between the companies and investors.
How good is thier English?
The Home Office requires all investors applying to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa scheme to have reached at least an level 4. IELTS is an English language proficiency test, and is used by British universities during the application process for international students and also by governments in the UK, Australia and Canada for migration. When you interview the potential investor, you will be able to gauge his language skills and decide if they meet the requirements for your work environment.
What is the motivation behind their investment?
Each and every investor has a different reason to invest. For instance, some of the graduate / postgraduate investors, who are mainly sponsored by their families, are keen on acquiring practical experience working in good UK companies and applying the knowledge that they gained from universities. Other investors are seeking sound investment opportunities and perhaps see synergy with their existing businesses and networks in China, thereby creating tremendous added values to both parties. What is common amongst the different investors is their trust in the UK economy and legal system. The quality of life here also has a very strong appeal to them. All these are the fundamental factors behind their decision to invest in the UK as opposed to other countries.
Will they have business connections in China that may be useful to my company?
As mentioned above, this is a very real possibility, especially if your investor is an established professional in China. They will have their old clients or businesses and connections, and would be very keen on establishing a long-lasting relationship with businesses in the UK.
Can we meet the investor before we make a decision?

Ideally, yes. If the investor has been studying in the UK, then he is likely based here for the time being and will have the opportunity to meet you and tour your facilities. You may even consider giving him an internship before you both make a decision on the investment. If, however, the investor is based in China, Skype meetings are most likely to be arranged instead. We also regularly organise networking events and other activities in the UK and China, which provide plenty of face-to-face meeting opportunities between the two parties.

Regarding The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Scheme

What is the timeline for the application process? What can cause delays to the schedule?
The entire process typically lasts 9 -12 months. In our experience, there are several common factors which may cause delays: - How quickly the company can provide all the necessary company documentations - How quickly the company can be matched with the right investor - How proactive the company is in attracting investors to their project - How quickly the investor can learn about your business and prepare for the Home Office interview - How quickly the investor, upon receiving his visa, can relocate to the UK
Will I have to deal with the Home Office and immigration application?
No. Ying De will handle the visa application on your behalf. We simply ask for your cooperation to provide all the necessary documentations on time, based on the deadlines provided by your dedicated account manager. Our highly experienced, award-winning team has an 80% success rate, with four in five applications being approved by the Home Office.
Can you tell me more about how the Tier 1 scheme came about?
Similar to other government schemes operating in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa scheme, launched by the UK Home Office under the Labour government in 2007 around the time of the financial crisis, is designed to help small businesses grow by bringing in funding and talents from highly skilled foreign investors.
What exactly are the criteria for the company to be eligible?
The company must be registered in the UK, must have a UK bank account, and must pay British taxes. It must be able to employ a net additional 2 employees with settled status in the UK with the investment funds, and must be planning to use the funds within 3 years in the UK. The funds must not be used for property development, property management or property investment.

Regarding the Ying De process

What departments are involved in the process?
You will be assigned a dedicated account manager from our Business Development team. He will be your primary contact point and will liaise between you and the potential investors. We have Sales teams in China and the UK focusing on acquiring new investors and providing them with investment opportunities that match their profiles and requirements. Our Legal teams engage with the investors, perform due diligence on their backgrounds and funds, and handle the final preparations for investment and completing the Home Office application.