Government bodies and small businesses from the fashion industry in London attending the seminar and networking event about the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa scheme

First event symbolises a new beginning for fashion companies and Chinese investors


On 26 October 2018, more than 20 companies from the fashion industry and 40 Chinese investors gathered in London for the first-ever event organised by the Ying De Group specifically targeted at this sector.  One of the main purposes of the event was to provide a platform for established UK companies to engage with our UK-based Chinese investors, many of whom are recent university graduates or are studying for fashion-related degrees, and have expressed a strong desire to invest in fashion companies.  This sentiment is in line with our recent research findings which confirmed the fashion industry as one of the top five most attractive sectors for our investors.

Taking place at Cocoon Networks London, the fashion companies attended an informative session learning about the opportunities available and hearing the success stories of companies which have taken advantage of the top talents and funding provided by Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs.  The event received tremendous support from our partners including the London Fashion Fund, the Department of International Trade, the Federation of Small Business and Cocoon Global.

Desiree Xu, Ying De Group said: “This marks the first time that we have hosted an industry-specific event.  Judging by the response I have received from the companies and investors, I believe we have got the strategy right.  Going forward, we will look at covering other high-growth sectors, so that more companies can benefit from our scheme.”

Simon Edmondson, The Federation of Small Businesses said: “I was impressed to speak to business owners who are hoping to benefit from the investment into their companies and to speak to potential investors who want to help UK companies expand and venture into new markets.”

Dr Man Li, Cocoon Global said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It is very well organised and informative, and it is just the right amount of engagement for potential investors, companies and delegates.”

The event also marked an important milestone as it was the first step taken jointly by Ying De and the London Fashion Fund to enable fashion companies to have easier access to Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs.  The two organisations are currently discussing a closer alliance focusing on attracting Chinese funding and talents to the fashion industry.  The details of this cooperation is expected to be announced in the next few months.

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