Leaders Direct: special interview with Sir Graham Brady

Under the constraints of the global COVID-19 pandemic, during the past few months, Ying De have worked tirelessly with major investment and migration companies in China to organise more than 50 online events, showcasing 30 UK start-ups, and garnered highly positive results and feedback from Chinese investors.

However, in this age of social media, we also noticed the spread of some misinformation on the situation in the UK, which stoked anxiety and panic amongst some Chinese investors.

Fortunately, there remains a very strong demand from the more rational Chinese investors to obtain first-hand, genuine information and insights from UK experts.

With this in mind, we have invited a number of senior leaders to take part in “Leaders Direct”.  It is a series of special interviews in which we ask the experts to give us their views on government policies or the latest developments in education, healthcare and other key sectors.

We believe such a transparent approach to the sharing of information is the foundation of strong, healthy business ties between the UK and China.

To kick things off, we spoke with Sir Graham Brady.

Sir Graham is of course the Chairman of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservative MPs since 2010, and the MP for Altrincham and Sale West since 1997.

He is well known to be independent minded and a champion of state grammar schools, having resigned from the front bench in 2007 to campaign in support of selective education. He was awarded ‘Backbencher of the Year’ by The Spectator in 2010.

We are very grateful to Sir Graham for taking part in our interview and also to his office for helping to make the necessary arrangement.





(Image via Public Domain Pictures)

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