New fast-track initiative to raise fund and access Chinese talents available to UK companies

On 8 March, more than 50 representatives from finance brokers and companies attended the Fast-track Fundraising seminar at Cocoon Global (London), organised by the Ying De Group.

The seminar, which focused on helping companies to speed up the process of simultaneously raising growth fund and leveraging the much sought-after business skills from Chinese investors, was the first in a new series of nationwide events that Ying De have launched this year. These initiatives enable UK companies to take advantage of a potential combined investment valued at £40 million, as indicated by our internal research, from Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs in 2019.  Companies that are new to the Ying De platform will be given a “Level-A” priority funding status, allowing them to enjoy a fast-track introduction to our investors.

Jim Pickles, Department for International Trade
Ian Dixon, The Growth Company (Manchester)
Jules Ratcliffe, C4DR

Andy Han, CEO, Ying De Group provided the opening remarks, with speeches delivered by special guests including Professor Yu Xiong, Company Director, Cocoon Global; Jim Pickles, Trade Sector Team Manager, Department for International Trade (London); Ian Dixon, Access To Finance Team Leader, The Growth Company (Manchester); and Jules Ratcliffe, Founding Partner, C4DR.

With yet more Brexit uncertainties lying ahead and no end in sight for the ongoing US-China trade war, Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs offer businesses a unique form of fundraising combined with accessing Chinese talents.  It provides companies with a safe, reliable strategy to mitigate against potential market risks and helps them better prepare for the bumpy ride ahead.

Andy Han said: “Recently, we have heard a lot about global companies in the UK having to make some very hard business decisions because of the Brexit uncertainties or the challenging global economic conditions.  Small businesses will no doubt have also faced with the same problem.  This is exactly why there has never been a better time for companies to look to the East.  Even though the Chinese market may be plateauing, its GDP growth is still streets ahead when compared with other super economic powers.  We therefore think the unique combination of investment and Chinese talent offered by this scheme is such a powerful proposition for companies, whether they are already doing business with China, or want to actively explore doing so.”

Andy Han, Ying De Group and Professor Yu Xiong, Cocoon Global signing the cooperation agreement

The event also witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement between Ying De and Cocoon Global on the joint establishment of the Investment Fund.  The cooperation will facilitate the specific allocation of this fund from Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs to successfully funded companies introduced by Cocoon Global.

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