Week 5 Completed: EU-Ying De Joint Accelerator Programme









20 July – Week 5 of the EU-funded Accelerator Programme led by Ying De was successfully completed. This week, we invited David Morgen, Director, Senior Technical and Business Consultant of SmartKlub, Dr Xing, Ph.D. in Environmental Economics, University of Leicester, and Ivan Ivanov, Senior Product Development Manager at Huawei Technologies to cover the following topics:

  • How SMEs could leverage Community Action Platform for Energy (CAPE) to inject green, low-carbon elements into their business.
  • For those companies interested in entering the Chinese market, we explained the relevant corporate social responsibility, sustainability practices and regulations.
  • Huawei’s R&D and implementation in energy, especially solar energy technology.

David began by explaining the problems faced by the world regarding energy use. He then introduced CAPE, the smart city concept developed by SmartKlub, through which energy use can be rationally managed.

CAPE can enable end users and businesses to make the most accurate decisions on energy use based on socio-economic information, big data, and satellite positioning analytics.

Since many companies participating in our accelerator programme are working with Chinese investors or Chinese investment partners, as well as having the desire to explore the Chinese market in future, we invited Dr Xing to give a presentation on CSR and the practices and regulations for sustainable development in China.

Dr. Xing explained why the current Chinese government was beginning to attach importance to corporate social responsibility, and its direct link with the sustainable development of businesses.  She mentioned that businesses wishing to cooperate with Chinese partners or to develop the Chinese market must understand and pay attention to the related laws and regulations set out by the local and central governments and also those governing industry sectors.  In particular, she mentioned the important relationship between the local and central governments, whereby the central government would often provide the general regulations, and upon which the local governments would devise their own local regulations.

In the final presentation of the day, Ivan Ivanov gave a talk on fusion solar energy projects, which was one of the many energy projects from Huawei’s extensive portfolio.

He spoke about Huawei’s commitment to bringing us a green, intelligent and sustainable world through digital technology, and described the short and long-term low carbon emission goals of China and the European Union. He also introduced to the participants low-cost new energy sources and Huawei’s fusion solar energy project in detail.

As participating tech companies expressed strong interests in this Huawei project and desire to cooperate, Ivan also mentioned some areas of cooperation and Huawei’s openness to data sharing.

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