Ying De Group and King’s College Establish UK Fintech Network

Ying De Group was proud to be recently invited by King’s College London to participate in FinUK, a fintech research network.

FinUK by King’s College London aims to address fundamental research issues related to the development of blockchain technology.  We believe that our participation in and support of the program gives us the unique opportunity to shape and have access to world-class research and the team of experts in the development and deployment of blockchain technology.

Ying De Group’s support for the FinUK program aims to reinforce strong existing partnerships, develop new ones with the research community of the program and actively support the research through regular exchanges.

We believe that the FinUK program is not only a unique opportunity for creating a significant impact on our mission, but more importantly it also enables our company and the wider society to recognise and adopt systems of self-governance.

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